Code of Conduct for 受托人

受托人 of Coe College must always conform their conduct and perform their duties in a manner that demonstrates commitment to the strength and viability of the community – 学生, 教师, 工作人员, 政府, 校友和家长. The Board is rightly made up of a wide range and 多样化的 mix of leaders who themselves bring diversity of viewpoints, 视角, and opinions to the work of the Board and the decisions that impact Coe.

受托人 shall endeavor to treat the Board’s work and related processes with honesty, 礼貌, 和透明度, honoring differences of opinion with other 受托人. All 受托人 are expected to adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct in all their activities related to the College and to maintain strict confidentiality as to matters that come before the Board.

Statement of Expectations:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of and belief in the kind of education that Coe offers, and the role that small 私人 liberal arts colleges play in the larger world, including a commitment to academic freedom and freedom of expression.
培养尊重他人的态度, 多样化的, equitable and inclusive community defined by a concern for the common good.

  • Maintain a high standard of conduct demonstrated by honesty, fairness, integrity, and fiduciary care.

  • Respect and preserve the confidentiality of information acquired in the course of work on the Board. Confidential information acquired in the course of such work shall not be used for personal advantage and shall be kept confidential after leaving the Board.

  • Participate respectfully in open discussions in committee and Board meetings and fully support the decisions made after compliance with the applicable process.

  • Work collegially with other 受托人, 大学校长, 工作人员, 教师, 学生, 校友和家长 toward advancing the College. Maintain 礼貌 and respect in both public and 私人 conversations.

  • Demonstrate loyalty to the College as a whole, and not for personal interests.

  • Participate faithfully in Board and committee meetings, 委员会其他职能, 校园活动, 在可能的情况下.

  • Share personal talent and experience in advising and overseeing the affairs of the College, including a willingness to assume a leadership position if asked.

  • Help to open doors for the College as it seeks to secure resources to allow it to accomplish its mission.

  • Be willing to contribute to the annual fund, as well as to contribute to special projects and to institutional campaigns as generously as possible.

  • Believe in and care deeply about Coe College as an institution that is dedicated to shaping the lives of past, present and future generations of 学生 for the better.